Friday, May 29, 2020

Roads of Community Living Series #8 Schilhammer Rd

Yup, we are still walking the dirt roads of Jericho, Vermont, and tagging a few photos along the way for our Roads of Community Living Series. My shoes and shoelaces reflect the April weather, a little bit of yellow/green, a little bit of black, and lots of brown as we walk Schilhammer Road in April 2020.

Nevertheless, the sun is warm, from time to time someone or something sticks their head out to say hello to us (from six feet, of course - four in this case).

Mount Mansfield still looks like a snow cone.

However, coltsfoot leads the way for flowers and they mimic the sun with their yellow and orange colors along with their determination to push through the graveled roadside.

Bells are ringing in spring. We may not fully see spring yet, but we can hear her voice in the birds, frogs, chipmunks, and feel her warm breeze today.

The blue skies seem to be reflecting all around us. 

The blues of winter, are now old hat.

The path to spring and rejuvenated life
is just ahead of us. 

We welcome her with open arms
and open hearts.

Goodbye old man winter, take your time in returning.

               Off come the snowshoes, out come the bikes and convertibles.

Stone age SUV?

Paint the barn red to draw in a good ole roasting hot summer.

No longer do we need to puzzle over whether we will run out of firewood before warm weather arrives.

Temperatures are rocketing upwards.
For that we are darn pleased.

Perhaps it is time for me to change at least one of my shoelaces to a blue or red, or orange or even bright yellow!

Jericho Vermont Images of Community
Intimate, caring, and personal; 
reflecting the community and its stories.

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Roads of CommUnity Living Series #7 Hanley & Stygles Lane

Walk, walk, walk the cold away, come May it will be time to play & garden, we hoped.

April, while much of the U.S. began welcoming spring, Vermont was still trying to say goodbye to winter. Days were longer and brighter, yet winter coats remained in fashion if not a necessity. Snow on Mount Mansfield could still be measured in feet.

Little did we know what lay in store for us - spring temperatures one day to inches of new snowfall the next, to summer-like ninety-degree days -all in the month of May.

For our Jericho, Vermont Roads of Community Living Series #7, Maeve and I bring you our April walk along Hanley Lane and Stygles Lane. These quiet dirt passages reminded us of country farm roads more populated now with people than cows, yet still retaining some hardscrabble independence, hilltop Vermont ingenuity, and the resonance of land worked yet not drained of its signature sights and sounds.

Some spring odors awakened our taste for spring flowers, fiddleheads, dandelions, and cherry blossoms, keeping our pace slow. Other odors kept our walk brisk. 

 On one side sits the dark cold forecast, on the other a warming trend; which side shall we sit upon?

Rhyme or reason to where the round bales are placed? Or do they roll about on their own accord to visit with each other in the early evening hours?

Catch, catch, catch the rays to power our souls!

So sweet are the bird sounds of spring. Nestled in the hands of a child this bird tells a tale of love, nurturing, and fledglings.

No cell service, however a rescue dog is always within earshot.

Barnboard is a color in the Crayola box, is it not? If not it should be.

Always nice to know where we are in case of a need to call 911.  Yes, we are just past the bull in the field, near a large boulder, and oh, the address of the boulder is 87.

Logging in spring means winter tires on a big scale.

Launch countdown to spring, minus 30 days or so before liftoff.

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy when skies are grey. This Vermonter found a way to ensure the sunshine stuck around day in and day out.

Blessed our forefathers who left at least a few trees that might reach maturity. We honor these grandfathered trees.

If it is not time to shovel, it is time to sweep.

Soaking up the warm rays, thinking of nothing except how good they feel.

Rail fences are signatures, some with haphazard squiggles, some with flair.

 Meeting of the Tootsie-Roll Bales. 

Home on the range. 

The range. 

Incoming signs of spring

        mixed with clear views

      that indicated spring in Vermont is often just around the corner, a really wide long corner.

Thank You for joining Maeve and me on our April Roads of Community walk, at Jericho, Vermont. Join us next time for Roads of Community Living Series number eight.

Jericho Vermont Images of Community
Intimate, caring, and personal; 
reflecting the community and its stories.